Just Think!

I do a lot of reading and fact checking. I’m not that smart so I need all the help I can get. I’m also not an accountant, but I know that numbers don’t lie and they usually can help support facts or dispel myths and falsehoods. I also realize that many decision in life are fear based.

While reading earlier today, I came across a few great lines. One in an article I was reading and the others from a book I’m reading. I should note that the book is not related to our current state of events.

The article had this statement “sometimes, perhaps always, collective fear makes bad situations worse.”

This excerpt is from the book I’m reading called Never Split The Difference. “You have to feel for the truth behind the camouflage; you have to note the small pauses that suggest discomfort and lies. Don’t look to verify what you expect. If you do, that’s what you’ll find. Instead, you must open yourself up to the factual reality that is right in front of you.”
“No matter how much research our team has done prior to the interaction, we always ask ourselves, “Why are they communicating what they are communicating right now

I implore everyone to shut the media, do your own research, think (you’re smart – use your brains and logic), breath, make an intelligent decision for yourself. I don’t really care what you believe or decide as long as you arrive at those decisions based on your own factual research and thought process and not what the media or Facebook or popular opinion dictates.

I believe we are the smartest species on earth, but everyone needs to be a positive contributor and use their brains as well as their individual ability to reason and think. And on any subject, whatever conclusion you arrive at, at least it’s your well thought out conclusion and not that of somebody else.


Photo by Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash

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