You’re In Control

On behalf of my company, Express Employment Professionals, yesterday I had the honor and privilege to speak to the men at the Addictions Care Center of Albany. I was able to personal stories about beating the odds and overcoming addiction. I shared about the mental fortitude and drive it takes to make a commitment to change your life, to build something better for yourself and your family. I told them stories of people who’ve done it and have become wildly successful.

We all make mistakes. We all fall down. But when we get up the choice becomes where we go and how determined we are to get there. If any of the men we met yesterday have a path they want to go down and we can help them with employment, belief, or guidance – we will be happy to do so.  I am grateful for the opportunity to speak with them and hope I was able to share some wisdom and make an impact.  Next week we speak to the woman at the Addictions Center.

Help is out there and it come in many forms. Take it when it’s offered, and if it’s not offered, please ask for it!


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