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Take A Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

A few years back I worked with a young lady, who by all accounts was remarkable. The only thing that held her back, like so many others, were her own thoughts and fears. I remember sitting and talking with her one afternoon and she shared with me some of her passions and things she wanted to do. She spoke with excitement and passion which led me to believe that she was not only good but practiced often. When I asked her when the last time she danced was, I was surprised to hear she hadn’t really done it but wanted to take lessons. I asked why haven’t you, is it money or time? I offered to pay for the lessons if that was the case. It was neither, she could not tell me why she hadn’t registered for the class. She had done all her homework, she knew where it was, when it was, the minimal cost, etc. I challenged her to take a step out of her comfort zone and register that night.
The next morning, I was at work before she came in and I couldn’t wait to hear if she registered. She came in and said nothing. I didn’t know what to think but I lack patience so within the hour I had to ask as she was not readily volunteering. She registered, her 1st class was one evening the following week after work. I think I was more excited than she was.
The 1st night of her class she left work to head to class with some trepidation, but she went and took her class anyway. At some point later in the evening I received a call from her. She was ecstatic and so happy. She profusely thanked me for making it happen. While I appreciated the gratitude, I explained I did nothing, and she did it all!
She knew me well enough to know that when she shared with me I would encourage her. She then took it upon herself to register. There was a point when she had to click submit on the online registration after she entered her info. She did that, not me. She had to drive to class with butterflies in her stomach, not me. She had to stand outside the door and make a choice to step out of her comfort zone and into the unknown, not me. She did it, she grew in so many ways from this one accomplishment.
I still stay in touch with her, although she’s moved on. I’m proud of her and know she’s still dancing, I think even in the rain.

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